Shot At Dawn campaign

This unique session brings together a number of the campaigners who worked to get the men executed for military offences during the First World War pardoned in 2006. The National Union of Journalists’ Shot at Dawn Campaign banner will also be on display.

Janet Booth, granddaughter of Private Harry Farr, whose life ended while tied to a post, without blindfold, shot to death by his fellow soldiers, branded a coward despite having been diagnosed with and treated for shell shock. This was to become the subject of the legal case which caused the government to issue a mass pardon for Harry and men like him.

Julian Putkowsi, campaigner and co-author of ‘Shot at Dawn: Executions in World War One by Authority of the British Army Act’.

Piet Chielens, coordinator of the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Other shot at Dawn campaigners present will include: Andy De Comyn (the public artist who created the Shot at Dawn Memorial at the National Arboretum), Tony T, David Baines (NUJ Newcastle branch chair) and Gerry Hunwick (NUJ Newcastle branch secretary).